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📸Danny Solis 💄_staygoldbyhaley_edited.


Austin, TX

Photographer, Black Swan editorial

"Alex is top-of-mind for any major photo shoot that I'm planning. Her fresh look and broad range means that I can place her in any number of scenes. When I convey a concept, she takes the time to study every nuance. She comes to the set prepared, focused, and committed to capturing the best possible images."

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Alexandria, VA

Alexandria Portrait Photographers Club

"Alex was great to work with and extremely versatile when it comes to direction and poses. I highly recommend booking her!"

📸Jimmy Weinard.jpg


Rockford, IL

Owner, Jimmy G Photography

"Alex arrived on location before me, with her hair, makeup, and wardrobe being absolutely perfect for our vintage themed shoot. Posing for shots seems to come naturally for her, as she did a fantastic job with no need to direct her. It would truly be an honor to have the pleasure of shooting with her again in the future!"



Baltimore, MD

Owner, Vickie Gray Photography

"Alex is one of the most polished and professional models I've worked with. She is incredibly photogenic and versatile, able to pull off contemporary fashion as well as vintage photos. Alex is an excellent bringing her own ideas, style and wardrobe to our shoots. She is always well prepared, and a lot of fun! Can't wait for our next session. "

Rob Testimonial.jpeg.jpg


Denver, CO

Amateur photographer

"Alex is an incredibly talented, hard-working and creative model. She is easy to set up a shoot with, has a million ideas that are really fun, gives a great effort and so many amazing expressions for every scene."



Dallas, TX

Owner, Brent J Photography

"Alex  is always a pleasure to work with and I take every opportunity to collaborate whenever she is in town. Every shoot is a learning experience and she's just as comfortable collaborating with me to achieve my vision as she is suggesting creative ideas and ensuring a successful shoot. She's one of my favorite models to shoot with and I don't hesitate to recommend her." 

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